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Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate and Letter of Administration is issued to the successor on behalf of a deceased person that establishes the ownership of legal heirs /successors over the deceased persons movable and immovable property.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure the issuance of the Succession Certificate/Letter of Administration in a transparent, secured, systematic and simplest way, which will lead to the utmost convenience of Legal heirs of the deceased citizen. It will also result in the satisfaction of the applicant, which is the prime aim of the Government of Pakistan. This certificate will identify the legal heirs of the deceased for the distribution of his moveable assets. The digital certificate has various security features and has a real-time verification facility.

What is Succession Certificate/letter of administration?

A certificate issued to legal heirs of deceased which establishes their ownership as to deceased movable/immovable assets e.g. deposits in the bank, shares, certificates and bonds, stock and insurance amount, etc.

What is moveable property and their types?

A movable property can easily be moved from one place to another, without changing its shape, size, quantity, or quality. Common examples are vehicles, books, utensils, timber, shares, cash, bank account, Arms, Jewelry, etc.





Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Government of Pakistan is launching Succession Certificate in more regions soon.